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The project

The project

Religious and cultural diversity are today more than ever a critical and political challenge as the recent emergencies related to geopolitical and economical global transformations show. Stereotypes and prejudices about religions and in religions can jeopardize an already fragile social fabric and lead to discrimination, ghettoization and radicalization.

Responses to these challenges can be sought especially by considering the fundamental role of school teachers in building social cohesion when it comes to religious and cultural differences.

Therefore the SORAPS Project aim to create the following Intellectual Outputs, completely open, scalable, and transferable to any other institution or school.

  1. Guidelines on contrasting prejudices and stereotypes in religions.
  2. Curriculum, training materials and guidelines for a online/ in presence blended teacher training course on Religions and Interculturality, specifically aimed to tackle prejudices and stereotypes in religions.
  3. Online Training Platform in which the online part of the above mentioned course will take place. This Platform will be able to be used with tutors or stand-alone, for self-teaching of individuals.

These three Intellectual Outputs will be tested by teachers coming from schools directly involved in the consortium, in order to ensure smooth mutual cooperation and support between academic/research institutions and schools.

The aim is to strengthen the professional profile of teachers by achieving the appropriate preparation in topics related to history of religions, contemporary religious pluralism, intercultural issues management and Digital Literacy, so that they can have a effective impact on their students, fostering social and intercultural skill, value for respect and democracy.

The consortium brings together expertise in religions and methods of teaching religions, formal and informal training of teachers in intercultural issues and ICT methodology for schools, along, of course, with three schools interested with previous experiences in similar issues.

Please find here a downloadable version of the SORAPS Project Brochure. DE DK EN ES FR IT