Dpt.of the Study of Religions, Institute of History, University of Southern Denmark

Dpt.of the Study of Religions, Institute of History, University of Southern Denmark

University of Southern Denmark, locally known as Syddansk Universitet, or SDU, is a university with 5 Campus cities: Esbjerg, Kolding, Odense, Slagelse and Sønderborg. It has some 30,000 students, some 2000 researchers, and 5 academic faculties. Humanitiesis the largest faculty. Humanities cover a wide range of programmes and research fields which all have basis in human beings and their relationship with the outside world in common. Focus and concern is on human thoughts, creative arts and communication from different perspectives and in many historical and geographic settings. The Study of Religions department was established in 1982, with the specific aim of educating coming teachers of RE in the Gymnasium (Upper-Secondary School). Though this is still an important part of the Study of Religions at SDU, the department with its staff seven professors and associate professors with each their reserach area within the historical and comparative study of religions, today also educates future scholars and students prepared for a wide range of other jobs.

Profile picture of Tim JensenTim Jensen
Coordinator University of Southern Denmark

Associate Professor, Department Study of Religions, Institute of History, University of Southern Denmark & Honorarprofessor, Religionswissenschaft, Leibniz Universität, Germany.
President of the IAHR, International Association for the History of Religions (2015-2020), Secretary General IAHR (2005-2010), and EASR General Secretary(2000-2004).
Specialized in ancient Greek religion, Jensen today focuses on methodology, study-of-religions analyses of RE in public schools, of state-handling of religion, of public and political notions of discourses on religion, and of religion in human rights discourses. He has published widely and internationally, and also written RE-textbooks. He is a member of several editorial boards of international journals.

Profile picture of Niels ReehNiels Reeh

Niels Reeh (born 1968) holds a Ph.D. in sociology of religion from the University of Copenhagen. He is Associate Professor at the University of Southern Denmark and is the author of the book Secularization Revisited – Teaching of Religion and the State of Denmark 1721 to 2006: Springer Verlag. He has been a visiting scholar at Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton (2009-10) and at University of California, Berkeley (2015-16). Currently, Niels Reeh is working on a book with the working title A Relational Approach to the Study of Religion.